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By Plamstown Manor, Sep 18 2017 06:57PM

What is Personal Care?

Personal Care is a licensed, privately funded residential living arrangement in Pennsylvania that is regulated by the Department of Human Services, Residential Licensing office under PA Chapter 2600.

To live in a Personal Care Home, one must be deemed by a physician or designee as needing Personal Care services and be assessed by a representative of the Personal Care Home as qualifying for admission. Personal Care homes do not currently have any government funding like a nursing home does. Residents in personal care homes are expected to pay privately from their own financial resources. Third party payments (family) may be used to help the individual afford the cost of care. Personal Care Services include residential living quarters, meals, housekeeping and laundry and personal assistance with activities of daily living.

How does Personal Care differ from a Nursing Home?

A Personal Care Home is privately funded and does not have a government funding to pay for services and care. Residents and families pay each month from private resources for services rendered. Nursing Homes are licensed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania under the Department of Health. Because the nursing home receives Medicare and Medicaid funds, the home is regulated by the Federal government as well. Before admission to a nursing home, a person has to be deemed as needing Nursing Home services by a licensed physician. Medicare will pay 100% for a nursing home stay for up to twenty days as long as the person qualifies clinically. After those first twenty days, Medicare may only pay 80% of the stay for up to another 80 days within the year. To stay in a nursing home, each person must qualify clinically. When the Medicare payments no longer cover the stay, the individual may be required to pay privately until their resources are exhausted. If the person still requires nursing home care, they may apply for Medicaid (Medical Assistance).

What if I am a Veteran?

If you or your loved one who resides in a Personal Care Home is a Veteran, you may qualify for the Veteran’s Aid and Attendance Benefit. You must be living in a Personal Care Home to apply for the benefit. Veterans must have served at least 90 days (not consecutive) during war time. To find out if you or your loved one qualifies, call 1-800-835-1541 to inquire.

What if I or my loved one develops the need for more assistance?

Every resident is evaluated annually on an as-needed basis. If the personal care home can no longer safely care for and assist the individual on a daily basis with the resources available in the home, sometimes the use of home health services or even Hospice services becomes necessary. Every personal care home is unique in its ability to care for residents. A meeting with the director and other professionals can be set up to discuss a resident’s needs privately with input from the resident’s physician.

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